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The Berthold Leibinger Stiftung GmbH supports non-profit, charitable and church institutions and carries out its own funding projects with the aim of advancing innovative science, creating a rich cultural landscape and strengthening social commitment in society. This is done by promoting culture, science, the church and social issues.

Our not-for-profit activities

In our funding activities, we enter into cooperations by supporting selected institutions and facilities and being a reliable partner for them over several years. On the other hand, we advertise funding lines for which applications can be submitted. In addition, it is possible to approach us with projects that fit into our funding spectrum. With our own operational projects, such as the Berthold Leibinger Innovations- und Zukunftspreis or the Comic Book Prize, we are actively involved in the social and scientific development process.



Science and its findings form the basis for the further development of our society. Curiosity and the creative urge are the driving force. Promoting both is an important concern for us.


We support cultural initiatives and activities because culture is an invaluable element of social coexistence.



We maintain close ties particularly with the regional Protestant church in Württemberg and support the work of the church’s Diakonie social welfare program. We also provide funding for structural improvements to church buildings and their furnishings.

Social commitment

Supporting disadvantaged people on the fringes of society forms the core of our activities in the "Social" funding area.

“Why does one establish a foundation? There are many reasons, but the strongest motivation is certainly the desire to support and foster special matters of concern.”

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Berthold Leibinger

Donor couple

Charitable activities were a constant in the lives of Berthold and Doris Leibinger. The funding areas they chose for their foundations were ones in line with their personal interests: science, culture, church projects and social commitment.

Portrait Berthold Leibinger

Berthold Leibinger

Berthold Leibinger not only was a leading entrepreneur, he was also a public figure who always considered his actions from the standpoint of whether they contributed to society and culture.

Portrait Doris Leibinger

Doris Leibinger

Throughout her life, Doris Leibinger was committed to promoting social and cultural organizations. In 2007, she set up a foundation to consolidate her diverse charitable activities.